Zener Issue 0

Zener Issue 0

As promised, we have updated our Current Projects page to reflect our upcoming new title series, “Zener: Master of the Mind”. And we he have uploaded Issue 0 of Zener to raise awareness for our upcoming Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign which will begin March 1st, 2020, and last all throughout March 2020.

As we hope you have enjoyed the preview of the upcoming new series from NRG Comics™, we would please your support by sharing this post with all of your friends, families and followers on all social media sites you subscribe to. Every little bit of word out helps us create a wider audience that will make our Indiegogo Campaign a success and bring you Volume 1 of Zener in no time!

Thank you all and stay awesome!

Alex Dawe
NRG Comics™ CEO

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