The First Proof is Here!

The First Proof is Here!

You read right! After two weeks of waiting and a slight setback, the first proof of Empress’s first graphic novel has just arrived in the mail!

Everything on it looks in great condition, from size to layout to colors to binding. We are so happy to have reached this milestone in our short time as comic book producers and publishers!

Now comes the more grueling part: waiting for the whole order to come in. We’ve sent the email that okayed the proof, and we hope that all of our copies will come in just in time for the comic con in our home town on November 17th. We’re really going to be pushing our printers to get them to us by date!

NOTE: we will not be accepting orders until all of the books have arrived from printing, and only AFTER we have sold some of them at the convention. This might seem a little harsh, but we have been promoting our appearance at the Iowa I-CON for 2 months now, and we want to make good on our promise first that we will be selling them there.
If you are in the midwest area and are looking to by one ahead of those waiting to order, we highly encourage to visit Des Moines, Iowa on November 17th, 2018 at the Valley Community Center, where we will be hosting our booth and selling printed copies of our book to the public (That is IF they arrive before then).

Thank you all for staying with us to this milestone, and rock on!

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