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Imagine if you had the most powerful mind in the world, capable of doing the impossible with but a mere thought. Now, imagine if your mind suffered from a fragile psyche. Would it truly be a blessing, or more so a curse? This is the unfortunate case of Axel De Veyra, the superhero known as Zener.


From a young age Axel suffered migraines which were a result of his powers developing due to evolved brain activity. By the time he was twelve, he could move things with his mind and hear the thoughts of others in his head. Fearful for their son, Axel’s parents sent for the best help they could find. And in events beyond his control, Axel lost his family which in turned forced him to lash out and cause great destruction with his powers.


Taken by the law and placed under sedation within a corrupt mental asylum, Axel spent many years into adulthood slowly rebuilding his broken mind and gaining better control over his abilities. Unforeseen events would allow Axel to break free from his prison, and inspired by the superhero Empress, Axel decided to use his powers to help mankind as the Master Mentalist, Zener.


The road to heroism hasn’t been easy though, as Axel’s most dangerous battle is not with a gallery of insane super villains, but his own fragile sanity that he struggles to keep together as balances the weight of the world on his shoulders. Will Zener become the hero we need, or will he instead become the monster who dooms us all


Zener: Master of the Mind is coming soon to NRG Comics™.

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