Panel Perfect Reviews Zener Issue 0

Panel Perfect Reviews Zener Issue 0

Hey there, NRG Fans! Have we got awesome news for you!

As stated in our last post, we put up Issue 0 of Zener: Master of the Mind on the site (we hope you enjoyed it, btw). After that, we sent the issue off to many podcasters and reviewers who specialize in comic book reviews, and we just heard back from one of them.

The great duo of the Spotify channel Panel Perfect was gracious enough to take the time to read and review Issue 0. And today, they just released their extra episode with their thoughts! And let me tell you, these guys really gave us high praise! The show’s hosts, Max Mielecki and Alex Pappas dove into our comic asking all the right questions and looking for the right stuff. The gave great props to our author, Web Bleynat, and artist, Juan Mananita, for their outstanding storytelling and visual art.

Their latest episode is available on Spotify for your listening pleasure. We encourage you to check it out, and when you are done, listen to some of their other episodes! Just click the link below-

Extras: Zener: Master of the Mind Review

And don’t forget, comic March we will begin our Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for Volume 1 of Zener: Master of the Mind. We humbly ask and encourage you, our fans, to help get the word out by sharing our comic and this review with everyone you know! The more people who know about Zener, the more likely Volume 1 will become a reality.

Thanks for reading, guys! And have a great weekend!

Alex Dawe
NRG Comics™

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