Apologies and Announcements

Apologies and Announcements

Dear loyal fans,

First of all, we would like to apologize for our very massive delay in updates since the founding of our new website. There was some massive miscommunication on our part between our website developers, as well as delays to fix it due to events of everyday life. We all know how that is. But fret not, because we of NRG Comics™ have finally fixed our errors and we have resumed updating our site. Starting with a big announcement-

since the launch of our website, we have been hard at work in developing a new title series for the NRGverse, which means a brand new superhero! And this weekend, we will be launching issue 0 of the title series!


Our new series is called “Zener: Master of the Mind”, and follows the story of Axel De Veyra, a tragic man who was born with vast psychic powers, but is cursed with a very fragile mind due to uncontrollable tragedy during his adolescent age. Now an adult and inspired by Empress, Zxel has escaped the abyss of insanity and aims to use his powers to help mankind as the Master Mentalist, Zener! But standing in his way is his greatest enemy of all… his own psyche. Can Zener battle his demons to become the hero the world deserves? All will be reveal upon release.

As we have said, Issue 0 will be released this weekend, but in the meantime we will be updating the site with development art. All in part for our first ever Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in March! So stay tuned and stay awesome!

-Alex Dawe, CEO

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