A Bright Future For NRG Comics

A Bright Future For NRG Comics

Hello loyal followers of NRG Comics™! This is CEO Alex Dawe.


First of all, we’d like to send our hearts out to those also struggling to return to normal during the outbreak. Know that you are not alone as you have our support.


During this time, me and my team have been hard at work figuring out the future of NRG Comics™ as we adjust to a changing world. And I have to tell you, we are excited about it! Sure, we’ve had to cancel a few cons and postpone our first Indiegogo, but that doesn’t mean it’s canceled for good! We still intend to raise awareness for Zener: Master of the Mind’s Indiegogo during this time, introduce a lot more new readers to what we have to offer.


Zener is not the only thing we’ve been working on. The NRG team has been hard at work simplifying our publishing plans in regards to introducing you to brand new heroes coming to the NRG Universe! In addition to continuing the adventures of Empress and bringing Zener along for the ride, We have already begun production on another new NRG Superhero- “Toonman: The Animated Ace”, a superhero who is an actually living cartoon character!!


And through these three heroes, we plan to form our first superhero team and introduce a wide variety of potential new ongoing series through their adventures. It is honestly safe to say that the ideas we have invert and/or subvert the classic superhero archetypes many love, while still sticking true to what was so loveable about them in the first place.


Big things are coming. It will be done at a slow and steady pace, but we promise you that we plan to do right by you the comic fans and give you stories and characters you’ll be dying to read! So stay tuned and remember- practice safe, social distancing and good personal hygiene!



Alex Dawe
NRG Comics™

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